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For your own safety

Aiming at covering modern and increased needs of safety protection both in residential and business premises, SECUDOOR invests in research, high tech know-how and suitable partners. The results are impressive : pioneering products of the greatest safety adapted to your own requirements, with the highest specifications of materials, aesthetics and function.

Development and innovation

The SECUDOOR company was established in 1977 by Nikolaos Hatzivasiliou, a civil engineer. It was initially involved in the manufacture of metal frames, metal type, sheds, prefabricated houses and aluminium. In 1984 the company expanded and launched on the Greek market a constructional innovative product, the bullet proof security door. This door is a design exclusive to SECUDOOR and is finished off with a new innovation, an antiseismic frame , patented by the company. In 1994 , in quick succession, SECUDOOR added another revolutionary product, steel security shutters that are manufactured and distributed exclusively by SECUDOOR.

Products for every need

Today, the range of SECUDOOR products has been developed further, covering many sectors;

Security doors
Fire doors
Automatic garage doors
Security shutters
Internal doors
Railings - gates
Safety deposit boxes

Continuous research and growth

SECUDOOR is in constant touch with the continuously altering needs in the field of safety, its fundamental objective being the determination and cover of your needs in the best way. For this reason it carries out market research, it mobilizes technicians and designers, it keeps informed about new techniques and materials, it collaborates with construction companies in Greece and abroad, it is supplied with tried and certified raw materials and products.

Great experience

SECUDOOR S long and successful presence has armed the company with great experience which allows it to guarantee the best results both from the point of view of security function and from the aesthetic point of view. The technical staff of the company consists of experienced fully trained technicians who practice the most modern methods and techniques. At the same time the authorized service workshops of our company undertake the correct installation of the products [ if required by the customer] for perfect fit and problem free function.

Competitive prices

From our company΄s foundation SECUDOOR has put into practice a price policy which harmonizes your personal choice with the best price. Our products, in spite of the fact that they are original and superior in quality and manufacture are not overpriced. Our prices are accurate, logical and completely controlled by you.

Relationship of trust

SECUDOOR maintains its family character and offers a direct and personal contact, basic presupposition for your irreproachable service but also for the development of a long term cooperation.

Both our products and the trustworthy relationship which we create with you will give you the security you require.

Other activities

SECUDOOR in an effort to support athletics has become a sponsor of the Vrilissia volley ball team.

Webpage: www.secudoor.gr
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