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Cadworks Interior Design, was founded in the early 90`s by Christos Adamos. The company involves itself in studying, designing and manufacturing residences, professional establishments and stores. Our team of experienced collaborators and technical crew succeed in completing every project regardless its special requirements and coping with every challenge given by a place or a client. Research and use of modern materials, innovative techniques of lighting and decorative products remain a constant concern of our company. Great significance is given in the presentation of the solutions we create. Using 3D software tools, (photorealism - animation), we have the ability to present the projects prior to their manufacture and give a realistic view of their outcome to every client. We guarantee the creation of functional and high quality results that preserve the right to be considered of competitive cost and speed of construction.

In work of various uses as: Residences, Shops, Hotels, Museums, Buildings of offices, Radio stations, chain stores etc. We provide services of studies and supervision: Studying and designing of professional establishments and residences. Architectural plan in digital form. Studying techniques of professional lighting. Furniture design. Constructional drawings. Manufacture of work. Budget management. Daily supervision of work and coordination of technical crews. Organizing and keeping timetable.

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