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Avelon's factory, stores and products, have been certified for their design, production, sale and installation, as well as for their After Sales Service with the major ISO 9001:2000 standard (quality certification).

Our products

AVELON offers complete decorating propositions for the kitchen, combining the right materials with various accessories, mechanisms, hoods, sinks, taps, lights and kitchen tables. Also, produces bedroom wardrobes with a pioneering design in a large range of colors, materials dimensions and accessories, which enable the orderliness and usefulness of all available spaces, ensuring ergonomy, functionality and ease of use, at very competitive prices.

It should be noted that, all the raw materials used for Avelon products, are liable to strict specifications for the full health-protection.

Our philosophy

The central core of everything performed in Avelon is to best serve and satisfy the customers, aspiring to improve their quality of life, through the supply of superior quality products.

Distinctive superiority

At Avelon, quality, reliability and the contemporary Italian design - with the signature of the internationally acclaimed Italian designer Lino Codato and his associate designers - are uniquely combined with the competitive prices. The flexibility of all the company's products, makes them suitable for all spaces and easy to adapt in every dimension or specification of a kitchen or a bedroom. Avelon also provides the best value for money, offering up to 20 years' written guarantee on the quality of the products - that also come with a certificate of authenticity and are supported for many years after their purchase from a specialized After Sales Dept. - , while at the same time is offering to the consumer, the opportunity to choose within 104 available means of payment (Avelon Credit Menu).

A lasting relation...

Webpage: www.avelon.gr
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ΑΣΠΡΟΠΥΡΓΟΣ (ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΑ). Λ.ΝΑΤΟ, Θέση Πράρι Πουρνάρι. Tel: 210 5519000. Fax: 210 5596571.
ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ. Λ. Βουλιαγμένης 122. Tel: 210 9648796, 210 9652059. Fax: 210 9640737.
ΙΛΙΟΝ. Θηβών 494 & Ιδομενέως. Tel: 210 2611745 . Fax: 210 2611746.
ΜΕΤΑΜΟΡΦΩΣΗ. 10 χλμ Ε/Ο Αθηνών-Λαμίας & Ξάνθης 4. Tel: 210 2830002, 210 2830024. Fax: 210 2826568.
ΛΙΒΑΔΕΙΑ. Ελ. Βενιζέλου 23. Tel: 22610 21681.
ΒΕΡΟΙΑ. Λ. Στρατού 70. Tel: 23310 70012. Fax: 23310 75212.
ΓΡΕΒΕΝΑ. Θεοδ. Ζιάκα 43. Tel: 24620 23723. Fax: 24620 23723.
ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ. Μάμαλη Αλεπού, Εθνική Πέλεκα. Tel: 26610 81445. Fax: 26610 81446.
ΠΑΤΡΑ. Πανεπιστημίου 31. Tel: 2610 455190 - 1. Fax: 2610 450940.
ΣΥΡΟΣ. Σταμ.Πρωϊου 87. Tel: 22810 80748. Fax: 22810 87488.
ΤΡΙΠΟΛΗ. Ναυπλίου 96 & Τειρεσίου. Tel: 2710 232282. Fax: 2710 221871.
ΧΙΟΣ. Καραολή & Δημητρίου 14. Tel: 22710 20392. Fax: 22710 29068.
ΚΑΒΑΛΑ. Αμερικ. Ερυθρού Σταυρού 195. Tel: 2510 229323. Fax: 2510 229323.
ΣΑΜΟΣ. Κανάρη 21. Tel: 22730 25050. Fax: 22730 25330.
ΡΟΔΟΣ. Λ. Ρόδου-Λίνδου 255. Tel: 22410 72930. Fax: 22410 72930.

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